Awards Ceremonies Announcements

Awards ceremonies and conferences are special. From the publicity to the guests. From the venue to the sparkling atmosphere. The thing is, you have a captive audience full of people getting ready to hear what could be hundreds of commercial, personal or even celebrity introductions. Could be a long night! So make sure you use an announcer who will keep them interested. Whether you're looking for a managing director style voice or perhaps a professional host, Sara has the ability to command attention, keep things moving and present your awards flawlessly.

"Thank you for the conscientious and intelligent approach you bought to this project. It is not an easy task, due to time pressure limitations and difficult scripts, however your preparation, attention to detail, commitment and professionalism showed on the day.
My client said 'best female voiceover artist we've ever had' - a true compliment as the project has been running for over 5 years.

Rachel Gundeson Concise Media
on behalf of Ernst & Young
Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards